The Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition is a community-initiated organization with an elected community board that has been working on behalf of hundreds of residents and other community stakeholders to identify the community’s needs for mutually beneficial development in exchange for hosting the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) project. Southwest Detroit already hosts a number of transportation projects and heavy industries. As a result, residents bear many negative environmental burdens including heavy truck traffic, illegal dumping, and air and noise pollution. The NITC project has not adequately assessed specific impacts on the immediate community or the cumulative impacts that will result from adding another large transportation development to the area. The NITC project, with its $1.8 billion in U.S. investment, could be a pivotal project to bring economic growth to the region as well as redevelopment of the host community of Delray. Other successful projects around the country have done this type of development with investments of 15% of total project costs in the host communities, compared to the 01.2% that the DRIC proposes.

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